Caught Masterbating by Sister - Caught on Sister's Bed

Today's video features a guy caught masterbating by his sister. Getting caught by your sister is another one of those topics that guys love to fantasise about. As I've said before, I once got caught by my sister cracking one off. We were both embarrassed - and that was it. But fantasies can be better than reality and this video takes getting caught by your sister to a whole new level.

Caught on Sister's Bed

Knicker Sniffer Caught - Watch Here

The guy in today's video was caught masterbating on his sister's bed. What was he doing jerking off on his sister's bed? Well, his sister had two hot friends staying over for a couple of days and the guy had sneaked into her room to sniff the girls' knickers. As he filled his nostrils with the sweet smell of pussy he found himself getting a boner and, before he knew it, he was stripped off and having a wank on his sister's bed.

Unfortunately for this dude he got caught just as he was about to cum into a pair of his sister's dirty knickers! You can find out what she had to say about this, and what punishment she and her friends had in store for her brother, by watching the full-length video on this link...

Caught by his Sister - Watch Here

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Caught Masterbating Outdoors - Girls Catch Man in Woods

Have you ever been caught masterbating outdoors? I've masterbated outdoors on many occasions. In woods, in fields, on the beach, up hills; in fact whenever I'm outdoors and nobody is around I'm often tempted to whip out my cock and crank one out. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have never been caught. Unlike this guy, who was caught masterbating in the woods by two passing girls...

Girls Catch Man in Woods

Caught in the Woods - Watch Here

This guy had parked his motorbike deep in the woods so that he could get naked and have a wank in the outdoors. He stripped off and leant against his bike, enjoying the cool breeze on his skin as he stroked himself hard. He was just starting to pick up the pace of his strokes when two women suddenly stumbled upon the little clearing and saw him pulling his pud. Although they were shocked, the girls quickly decided that finding a naked man in the woods with a big hard cock was too good an opportunity to pass up.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be caught masterbating outdoors by couple of hot girls then follow the link below and find out...

Caught Masterbating Outdoors - Full Video

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Caught Masterbating Videos - Man Caught In Hotel Room

Today's addition to our collection of caught masterbating videos is another video of a man caught masterbating in a hotel room. As I've said before the hotel room stories are some of the most popular - so we are pleased to have come up with another classic scenario. This time the guy is having a wank after his shower one morning and forgets to put out the ‘do not disturb' sign...

Man Caught In Hotel Room

Caught by the Maid - Watch Here

The man is completely lost in his own world as he strokes his cock with eyes tightly closed. When the maid arrives to clean his room she is shocked to see him completely naked and jerking away on the bed. In fact she is so shocked that she screams and several female cleaners come running to see what is going on. Amongst all this commotion the guy is left cowering on the bed naked and surrounded by irate women!

What happened next? You can find out for yourself by watching the full video on this link...

Hotel Room Wank - Click Here

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Caught Masterbating in Tub - Guy Caught by Wife's Sister

Ever been caught masterbating in the tub? I've set myself up to be caught in the tub on many occasions. The intention is always to be caught by my girlfriend. Sometimes it works out perfectly and I get a soapy handjob or we end up fucking. Sometimes she just tuts and turns round, closing the door behind her. However, I have never been caught in the tub by someone else like this guy did...

Guy Caught by Wife's Sister

Caught in the Tub - Watch Here

This guy was caught masterbating in the tub by his wife's sister and her best friend. He was expecting his wife home from work and set himself up to be caught cracking one off. He heard the front door open and was waiting expectantly with his hard cock in his hand. He had no idea his wife had given her door key to her sister to let herself in the house. Imagine how surprised he was when his wife's sister and her best friend were suddenly standing over him as he stroked his dick!

Can you imagine what happened next? I don't want to spoil it for you by telling the full story but it is seriously hot! You can watch the full video right now on this link...

Sister & Friend Catch Guy - Click Here

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Men Caught Masterbating - Hotel Room Wank

Videos of men caught masterbating in hotel rooms are always popular. It is one of the most requested story lines we get. There is something about being alone in a hotel room that makes a guy want to have a wank. I don't know why it is but it's a fact. I guess we like doing it in strange places. And there is always the risk that someone might walk in!

Hotel Room Wank

Girlfriend's Revenge - Watch Here

In this video the guy's girlfriend has gone out on the town with her friends and he settles in front of the hotel porn channel for a wank. After a few minutes of tugging his todger his girlfriend returns with her three friends and catches him in the act. She is not pleased that he is cranking one out to some little porn slut while she is out. In fact she is so pissed off she decides to get her revenge there and then!

If you want to know exactly what the girlfriend's revenge turned out to be then you can watch the full-length video of this guy caught masterbating in his hotel room by following this link...

Caught in Hotel Room - Click Here

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