Husband Caught Masterbating - Wife & Friends Catch Hubby

Today's video features a husband caught masterbating by his wife and her two friends. The guy returned from the beach early and thought he had the place to himself. As he took a shower he found himself getting horny and started to play with himself as the warm water cascaded over his naked body. Before long he had a fully fledged boner in his hand and was stroking away like crazy.

Wife and Friends Catch Hubby

Hubby Caught by Wife - Watch Here

Just as the guy was reaching the vinegar strokes he suddenly became aware of sounds behind him. Turning round he realised his wife and her two friends were peeping round the corner and giggling as they watched him having his soapy wank. The guy didn't know whether to be embarrassed or pissed that they had ruined his cum! Fortunately the three girls decided to help him out and he had a happy ending after all.

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Husband Caught Masterbating - Click Here

Posted by Jerk Meoff