Caught Masterbating Outdoors - Girls Catch Man in Woods

Have you ever been caught masterbating outdoors? I've masterbated outdoors on many occasions. In woods, in fields, on the beach, up hills; in fact whenever I'm outdoors and nobody is around I'm often tempted to whip out my cock and crank one out. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have never been caught. Unlike this guy, who was caught masterbating in the woods by two passing girls...

Girls Catch Man in Woods

Caught in the Woods - Watch Here

This guy had parked his motorbike deep in the woods so that he could get naked and have a wank in the outdoors. He stripped off and leant against his bike, enjoying the cool breeze on his skin as he stroked himself hard. He was just starting to pick up the pace of his strokes when two women suddenly stumbled upon the little clearing and saw him pulling his pud. Although they were shocked, the girls quickly decided that finding a naked man in the woods with a big hard cock was too good an opportunity to pass up.

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Caught Masterbating Outdoors - Full Video

Posted by Jerk Meoff