Caught Masterbating in Tub - Guy Caught by Wife's Sister

Ever been caught masterbating in the tub? I've set myself up to be caught in the tub on many occasions. The intention is always to be caught by my girlfriend. Sometimes it works out perfectly and I get a soapy handjob or we end up fucking. Sometimes she just tuts and turns round, closing the door behind her. However, I have never been caught in the tub by someone else like this guy did...

Guy Caught by Wife's Sister

Caught in the Tub - Watch Here

This guy was caught masterbating in the tub by his wife's sister and her best friend. He was expecting his wife home from work and set himself up to be caught cracking one off. He heard the front door open and was waiting expectantly with his hard cock in his hand. He had no idea his wife had given her door key to her sister to let herself in the house. Imagine how surprised he was when his wife's sister and her best friend were suddenly standing over him as he stroked his dick!

Can you imagine what happened next? I don't want to spoil it for you by telling the full story but it is seriously hot! You can watch the full video right now on this link...

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Posted by Jerk Meoff