Caught Masterbating by Sister - Caught on Sister's Bed

Today's video features a guy caught masterbating by his sister. Getting caught by your sister is another one of those topics that guys love to fantasise about. As I've said before, I once got caught by my sister cracking one off. We were both embarrassed - and that was it. But fantasies can be better than reality and this video takes getting caught by your sister to a whole new level.

Caught on Sister's Bed

Knicker Sniffer Caught - Watch Here

The guy in today's video was caught masterbating on his sister's bed. What was he doing jerking off on his sister's bed? Well, his sister had two hot friends staying over for a couple of days and the guy had sneaked into her room to sniff the girls' knickers. As he filled his nostrils with the sweet smell of pussy he found himself getting a boner and, before he knew it, he was stripped off and having a wank on his sister's bed.

Unfortunately for this dude he got caught just as he was about to cum into a pair of his sister's dirty knickers! You can find out what she had to say about this, and what punishment she and her friends had in store for her brother, by watching the full-length video on this link...

Caught by his Sister - Watch Here

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